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Psalms 84:11

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Family Update

Also known as a bunch of random stuff that wouldn't be enough on it's own for a post. :P

The most predominant feature of this past week is that we're all sick with colds. I'm certain Hubs brought it home from one of his Dr. appointments for his shoulder, I've since lectured him on the importance of hand washing. We're actually going on week 2 with this stupid cold that never seems to diminish. For the first few days I pretty much camped out on the couch with the girls and soaked in as much Backyardigans and Sesame Street and The Wiggles as we possibly could. I let the house go to crap. Let the dust bunnies collect en mass. Let Hubs run out for fast food or let him warm up meals from our freezer (for some odd reason he didn't seem to get as sick as the rest of us). Let the weeds grow like gang busters all over my yard. But day before yesterday I just couldn't take it anymore. I pulled myself up off the couch, threw dinner in the crock pot, and bustled around picking up used kleenex and vacuumed my dog hair ridden floors. It was disgusting. And I feel a lot better now that I'm not grossed out every time I look down. I just wish my head would catch on and drain or something so that I could actually breathe through my left nostril.

Hubs' shoulder actually seems to show some improvement, Praise GOD! After 2 months of practically no noticeable difference it seems miraculous that he's actually able to help out a little around the house and wean himself off pain meds. Our chiropractor is a miracle worker, that's all I have to say. And Hubs is finally a believer in her. Having never been to a chiropractor in his life he was reluctant to give it a try, and his primary care Dr. just gave him pain meds and said come back in 2 weeks. FINALLY after WEEKS of NOTHING CHANGING his Dr. referred him to Minga my chiropractor. And whaddaya know? After 2 weeks of seeing her 3 times a week he's nearly all better. My guess is that he'll still need to see her for continued treatments for a while, but the good news is... he's going back to work on Tuesday!!! He still has a scheduled appointment with a neurologist to test for nerve damage (which everyone suspects he has) next week so we'll see how that goes.

My Dad is doing great! For those of you who missed my posts about him 2 weeks ago he recently had surgery to remove his prostate. They say 3/4 of men end up with some form of prostate cancer at some point in their lives, and my dad had stage 3 prostate cancer. Last week they got the test results back on his biopsy and it confirmed that they removed all the cancer, so he should be in the clear now. He's recovering really well! He's taking lots of walks with my mom up and down their street and even getting out with her to run some errands. He says he's still having some pain at his incision sites (they make 3 small incisions for the robotic surgery) but that he's feeling better each day.

Dispite their colds the girls are doing all kinds of new and interesting things. Ziva has now on day 5 of her pants strike. Yup, she's refused to wear pants of any kind for 5 days. On day 1 we quickly realized that she would need some duct tape to keep her diaper on, otherwise that would have been a problem. She's showing all kinds of signs of potty training readiness but with us all with colds I'm just not ready to give it a try. In fact, before her pants strike there was one day when after her nap she woke up, took off her pants AND her diaper, pooped, and then proceeded to smear it all over her crib and herself. Yeah, we have some great pictures to prove it but my guess is that none of you want to see a poop covered baby. We all think that she obviously knew she was going to poop before she undressed because her diaper was absolutely clean. So duct tape has become a necessity around here.

Anya has started blowing kisses a lot more recently. She starts from the moment I pick her up in the morning. It's super cute! We also rearranged our living room a couple weeks ago (before we all got sick) and the girls are really enjoying running around the loveseat and playing peek-a-boo with us around each side. They squeal and laugh and throw their arms in the air and say "Yaaaaaay!!!" Super fun times! They've also really started dancing a lot more often. Pretty much anytime a song comes on the TV (even if it's a commercial) they'll get down and boogie!

We haven't met with Julie (their Early Intervention teacher) for the past 2 weeks due to illness. And of course Julie is on vacation next week, so we won't see her again until the first week of June. So that's kind of a bummer. We all really like Julie and look forward to her visits.

So that's about it! I have one more funny story but I think I'll save that till tomorrow. :P


Kristina P. said...

I'm glad that both your husband and your dad are doing well!

Kelly said...

I'm glad everyone is getting better. Have fun with potty training, hopefully your girls will train faster than mine is.

Stacy said...

I'm glad Hubs and your dad are doing well.

We've been dealing with colds here too. Yuck!

I started putting pull ups on Leann because she wants to sit on the potty like Lindsay. She doesn't do anything but it became a pain taking a diaper on and off. Lathen has no interest at all.

thebestthingscomeintwos said...

LOL at the poop and duct tape! I'll take my 4 times a night feedings over a poopy bed anyways. Really glad those days are a while off yet!

Hope you are all feeling better soon!

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