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Psalms 84:11

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fun Things to Share and a Giveaway!

I think my luck has officially changed as far as winning blog giveaways are concerned! If you're interested in some of the fun things I tried to win, feel free to peruse my giveaway blog linked on the right.

So I thought I should create a nice big ol' THANK YOU post to some of you who out there who donated items to blogs I visit and made the giveaways possible. :)

First up, Brooke! She has a terrific blog called Smart + Strong = Sexy! She's been training for a 5k race for a while now and completed her goal this past Saturday! I really admire her perseverance and willingness to challenge herself to do something new. Anyhoo, she had a contest a while back for a coupon for a free 12 pack of Mountain Dew, and I won! I'm not really much of a Mountain Dew fan, so I'm planning to redeem it and then donating the Dew to our church's food pantry. The food pantry provides grocery items to families in my area in need. They don't often get "fun" foods, so I'm hoping this Mountain Dew will bring some smiles to someone who's been hankerin' for a Dew!

Next up, I won a children's book from! Jen has a great site dedicated to her identical twin girls, and she actually wrote the book! It's super cute, and I can't wait until my girls can handle books with actual pages as opposed to the cardboard type because I think they will really enjoy this book. :)

And finally, I won the book Multiple Blessings through the Multiples... and More! blog network! I love this site so much!!! They feature other mom's with twins or more, and generally create a very welcoming atmosphere for Mothers of Multiples. The book I won was donated by an online store specializing in books about multiples, DoubleUp Books. After checking out this site I can safely say that if there is a book about multiples out there, they have it! I'm super excited about winning this book by Kate Gosslin! I often watch their show and take notes. :)

So those are the prizes I've won recently, this whole blogging giveaway thing is so much fun!!!

I thought I'd also share some of the other fun stuff I've gotten in the mail. No... I won't show you pictures of our bills. That would be boring.

Instead I thought I'd share with you my Mother's Day present, from me, to me. lol

It's a necklace made by Magpie Designs! I've been looking for a piece of keepsake "motherhood" jewelery for myself pretty much ever since the girls were born. I really wanted something that I could wear on a daily basis that would remind me of them every time I saw it. When Magpie Designs was featured on Multiples...and More! I knew that I had found it! It's casual enough to wear every day, yet nice enough that I can wear it for a night out with Hubs. Plus it has my girls' names on it, and their birth stone which is a pearl. I got it in the mail on Saturday, and I've been wearing it every day since! I could not be more thrilled with it, so THANK YOU so much for making me such a beautiful piece!

Next up, I have a friend of the family who is a painter, Roger Cooke. He paints mostly western/scenery art and he's been going strong for 40+ years developing his craft. Recently he was diagnosed with cancer, and has put the word out that he needs to sell more paintings to cover his medical expenses. So please, if you are at all in the market for buying a painting, go check out his site!

And last, but certainly not least! I have been selected as a mom blogger for the Real Beauty Dove Campaign! Recently they sent me this pretty package of Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth anti-perspirant deodorant in lovely wild rose scent.

I've been using it for a week now and I'm really enjoying it! Every once in a while I catch a whiff of rose and think "oooh, that's pretty, I wonder where... Oh yeah! That's me!!" Yeah, I'm a little slow. lol The cool thing about this deodorant is that it contains a unique Pro-Epil Complex that over time will reduce and soften your underarm hair. Since I haven't been using it for that long I can't say I've noticed a huge difference as far as hair is concerned, but time will tell and I'll report back if I notice anything. I will say that this stuff WORKS as far as odor control is concerned! I pretty much chase 2 year olds for a living, and I'm often sweating up a storm before 9am. So I can confidently say that I can wear this all day without any problems. And like Dove says, confidence IS beauty!

As a wonderful bonus, Dove has given me some coupons for $2 off this deodorant! Even better! Each coupon actually has TWO coupons inside! One for you, and one for a friend.

So if you haven't already guessed, I'm giving away TEN of these lovely coupons!


To Enter:
- Comment once about anything on this post.

Extra Entries (one comment per entry please!):
- Follow my blog publicly or subscribe to my RSS Feed.
- Blog about my giveaway and link back here.
- Follow me on Twitter.
- Blog your very own Mystery Spice Monday recipe and link up!

Yup! FIVE chances to win a fabulous $2 off coupon!

This contest will end on Monday May 11th at 10am.

To answer Kelly's question below, I just got word from Dove that the coupons are only valid in the US. So sorry!


monica said...

That necklace is gorgious! You have been winning big time...good for you!

Kristina P. said...

You have really scored! I am jealous!

Kelly said...

That's great that you're winning and now you have your own stuff to give away. If the coupons are valid in Canada I'd like to enter

Brooke said...

did you really have to let the world see that i write like a 12 year old? :P

love the idea about donating it! i'm sure there is a family out there that would love the treat!! :)


Congratulations on all your winnings you are soooo lucky! I love your new necklace, perfect mommy gift! I'd say you are quite spoiled lately... isn't it fabulous??? You deserve it!

Stacy said...

Congrats on all the things you have gotten.

I've read Kate Gosslings book and it is good.

That deoderant sounds delightful!

MrsAshley said...

Great giveaway! I just wanted to say that also has a $2 off coupon for everyone to enjoy. I was a member of the Dove campaign too. It is a great product!


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