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Psalms 84:11

Monday, January 21, 2008

7 Months Strong!

I'm a little late updating my blog this month, lots of stuff going on!

Anya & Ziva are growing like little weeds! Every time I pick them up I groan a little. :P There have been all kinds of subtle changes about them so I'm not sure I'll remember them all, but they're getting much more coordinated with their hands and they're getting very good at grabbing and reaching for things. Ziva is now able to get up on her knees and rock back and forth on them, and Anya gets up on her elbows and scooches forward, so they'll both be crawling really soon! Ziva has also learned that she can get places by rolling over.

One sad development, a couple weeks ago Ziva decided that she no longer wants to nurse but wants the bottle instead. I could have taken the bottles away for a while and insisted she nurse because I'm pretty sure it was just a bad case of nipple confusion but since she's not the only baby I have to take care of I decided not to fight it and to just let her have her bottles. She still gets some mommy milk in her bottles though, but she isn't getting as much as Anya who is still nursing like a pro.

We're about to make some big changes at our house. Up till now the girls haven't had any solid foods, we decided to delay solids up to this point after talking with our pediatrician. But that's all about to change! We got a pair of high chairs last weekend, and yesterday I went out and bought rice cereal and bowls and spoons. So I think we're going to start solids either today or tomorrow.

Also, up till now the girls have both been sleeping in our room, Ziva in a crib and Anya in a bouncy seat. Well Anya's getting a little big for the bouncy seat and we're thinking that she'll progress more with her crawling and rolling over if she were also in a crib. So instead of bringing the other crib into our room (there really isn't room for it) we've decided to move both the girls into the nursery so that they can each be in their own crib. Some twins share a crib, but the way Ziva moves all over hers I'm sure that they would end up waking each other up. So we're planning to do the big switch-a-roo with the baby furniture today. I'm kind of happy/sad about this change as it has been one of my greatest joys to wake up to two smiley faces, but it will also cut down on the number of times I wake up during the night because of the little sleepy noises they make.

The holidays were nice. We had a good time Christmas over at my parents house. I actually did stay up till midnight this year for New Years, last year I was so sick and pregnant that I was in bed early. We've already taken advantage of my parent's baby sitting coupons and went out to dinner with our dear friends Lee & Sabrina. We're looking forward to using many more of those coupons this year! And we're already talking about which vacation ideas we want to do first with the girls, it should be a very fun year!
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