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Psalms 84:11

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pregnancy Journal 3/27/07

We had a very busy but good weekend. On Saturday we went to a Breastfeeding & Baby Care class. It was much better than I expected! I read a lot, and cruise these boards all the time for info, so I wasn't sure how much I'd actually get out of it. But I actually did learn quite a bit, and took a lot of notes. And I think it helped reality to set in for DJ.

It was an all day class on Saturday (9-4pm), and DJ had worked Friday night from 10pm to 6am Sat. So he was EXHAUSTED! I'm amazed that he was able to stay awake for the whole class, although I know there were parts he missed because he was starting to zone out. So needless to say we didn't get a whole lot done on Sunday because we were both pretty tired. But we did do a lot of talking on Sunday about how we're going to re-arrange things, and what pieces of furniture we need to buy so that we'll be ready. One of the things we decided we need is 2 twin beds to go on the spare room. DJ's family will be coming from out of town to see the babies, so it will be good to actually have extra beds to sleep in. Plus, who knows how this whole thing will work out. We may end up hiring someone to come help out at night, or my parents my come help out at night when DJ goes back to work. Or one of us may end up sleeping in the spare room when we're on baby duty.. who knows! Either way though it would be helpful to have some extra beds. Plus, eventually they'll become kids beds, so they'll get long term use. So I've started looking for 2 matching twin sized beds on craigslist and hopefully I'll find something good. :)

We've also decided that the best place to start is to finally get some closet organizers for our closets. We built this house 2 years ago, and so far we've been living with only a wire shelf and bar to hang things in our closets, and we REALLY need to get something better so we actually have places to put things. So that's gonna be our next project.

Yesterday I went and got a spa facial w/ my mom. It was really awesome! I've never had a facial before like that. They had us change into bathrobes, and we sat in this room w/ relaxing music before they came to get us for our treatments. And then we each went to separate dimly lit rooms and laid down on these massage type tables. And a beautician came in and put layer upon layer of goop on our faces. They used a LOT of different kinds of massage on our faces, shoulders, neck, arms, hands, even our scalp! The whole thing lasted about 2 hours, and when we were done we both felt SO relaxed! Then we went out to lunch. It was really fun! :)

When I got home, DJ was spinning around our house like a whirlwind cleaning! Our house was SO disgusting, hadn't been cleaned in a long time. And I was THRILLED to see him cleaning from top to bottom! So now my house looks perfect and even smells good! He even had dinner going! What a guy!

My blood sugar numbers haven't been that great this week. When I last met w/ the dietician she thought I was cutting back too much on carbs, so I've been eating more of them this week and even though I've started insulin I'm on a very low dose. My guess is that when I see my Dr. tomorrow she will tell me to increase my dose. I'm ok with it at this point, I'm happy to do it for healthy babies.

I’ve been feeling lots of kicks and a few rolls from the babies. I feel Baby B quite a lot throughout the day, and I feel Baby A about once or twice a day. A couple days ago I felt them both just moving and rolling together! It was so cool!

I’m getting a LOT bigger. A few of Karin’s shirts don’t fit me anymore. I’ve also started to have rib pain, especially on the right side. I guess it’s just from everything getting pushed up. I saw Minga on Friday, and she said that the reason my right side hurts more is because my liver is on that side, and it’s getting shoved up to make room for the babies. So there’s pretty much nothing that can be done about it until after they’re born, and then I’ll probably need a major adjustment.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Pregnancy Journal 3/8/07

Well my glucose test came back on the high side, so I had to do the 3 hour glucose test yesterday... I don't recommend it! I didn't eat anything from 7:30 the night before until the test was over at around noon the next day! I was SOOOO hungry that by the end I was wobbly on my feet! Luckily DJ came with me because I don't think I would have been ok to drive myself home. Anyways... Dr. called today w/ the results and they were high. So the next step is an apt. w/ a dietician. Man... I'm so BUMMED about that!!!!

Anyways... /sigh

DJ and I printed off a list from the SSN web site and we narrowed down our list of names to 13! Out of those I think there's two that really stand out, Anya & Elsa. What do you think?? We're still working on middle names.

I'm absolutely huge already dang it! I don't know if I mentioned but at my apt. last week when I was at 19 weeks, they measured my belly and I measured at 24 weeks! I'm 20w now, so my guess is I'm bigger than 24 weeks at this point! Yowzerz! I definitely look like I'm in my 3rd trimester not my 2nd! And it's weird, the left side of my belly where Baby B hangs out actually sticks out more than my right side! I thought I was just imagining it, but DJ confirmed, I'm definitely lop sided. Baby B is just a little bruiser I guess. I'm definitely feeling movements on that side now. I think I'm starting to feel Baby A on the right, but it's not very often.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Pregnancy Journal 3/2/07

We had our full anatomy ultrasound yesterday. Babies both looked great; all major systems looked healthy and functioning as they should be. No abnormalities to report. The tech had a hard time getting pictures of their spine because they were both laying on their backs, so I'm going to have to go in again so they can get that certain picture they need. They were moving around a lot, but not in the way that was helpful for the tech! :P And we tried everything, she even had me get up and jump around a bit. :P But they were both comfy and wouldn't budge.

They're both head down right next to each other. Baby A is on the right and B is on my left. And their placentas are both right across the top of my belly, so she said I might not feel them move on a consistent basis for a few more weeks. Baby B is measuring ahead of Baby A, but they've pretty much been that way since the very beginning. She said as long as their growth stays consistent for 'them' (not in comparison to the other baby) then there's nothing to worry about. So if Baby B is the bigger one then I think I might really have felt that one the other night. It makes sense that I should feel the bigger baby first.

They're both girls! lol Poor DJ...he was really hoping for a hunting buddy. I told him that you never know, maybe one of the girls will take to it. But he says he doesn't want to turn one of our girls into a tom boy just because he wants a hunting buddy. :P So I guess the circumcision debate we were having will go right out the window. Now we just have to debate about names! Oh geez.. it's gonna be brutal. I like old fashioned somewhat traditional names and he likes trendy modern names... ugh! He's all Madison and Piper, and I'm Analise and Esther. Another thing he likes to do is name them something that's really a nick name instead of the full name, like Jessie or Kate... and I just think that's so wrong! :P Why Jessie rather than Jessica??? I just don't get it. It's gonna be an uphill battle that's for sure!
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