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Psalms 84:11

Friday, March 2, 2007

Pregnancy Journal 3/2/07

We had our full anatomy ultrasound yesterday. Babies both looked great; all major systems looked healthy and functioning as they should be. No abnormalities to report. The tech had a hard time getting pictures of their spine because they were both laying on their backs, so I'm going to have to go in again so they can get that certain picture they need. They were moving around a lot, but not in the way that was helpful for the tech! :P And we tried everything, she even had me get up and jump around a bit. :P But they were both comfy and wouldn't budge.

They're both head down right next to each other. Baby A is on the right and B is on my left. And their placentas are both right across the top of my belly, so she said I might not feel them move on a consistent basis for a few more weeks. Baby B is measuring ahead of Baby A, but they've pretty much been that way since the very beginning. She said as long as their growth stays consistent for 'them' (not in comparison to the other baby) then there's nothing to worry about. So if Baby B is the bigger one then I think I might really have felt that one the other night. It makes sense that I should feel the bigger baby first.

They're both girls! lol Poor DJ...he was really hoping for a hunting buddy. I told him that you never know, maybe one of the girls will take to it. But he says he doesn't want to turn one of our girls into a tom boy just because he wants a hunting buddy. :P So I guess the circumcision debate we were having will go right out the window. Now we just have to debate about names! Oh geez.. it's gonna be brutal. I like old fashioned somewhat traditional names and he likes trendy modern names... ugh! He's all Madison and Piper, and I'm Analise and Esther. Another thing he likes to do is name them something that's really a nick name instead of the full name, like Jessie or Kate... and I just think that's so wrong! :P Why Jessie rather than Jessica??? I just don't get it. It's gonna be an uphill battle that's for sure!

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