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Psalms 84:11

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

8 Months And Going Strong!

Lots of changes this month!

The girls are now sleeping in the nursery. Anya was a bit fussy the first few nights but calmed down faster each night and now she doesn't complain at all about it. As a result I'm sleeping wonderfully! YAY! We also set up the high chairs and started solids. Anya is taking to eating really well. Ziva is a little tricky, it's very hard to put food in someone's mouth when their tongue is sticking out. It's very entertaining though, both for me and the girls. Messy, but entertaining.

We also got a jumparoo which they girls both love! They squeel and laugh while they're in it, really fun to watch. They've each also fallen asleep in it. lol DJ thinks we need to get another one, but since they're only going to use it for a few months I really don't think it's worth it.

They still aren't crawling yet, but they're finding lots of other ways to move around. Ziva has gotten really good at rolling where she wants to go, and now that Anya is in her crib more she is also rolling over more often and reaching for things that she wants. Bottle time and diaper changes have gotten tricky because Ziva is ALWAYS on the move. While she eats she's kicking and waving her arms around, turning her head... it's like a wrestling match trying to feed and change her. Anya on the other hand is much easier, she just lets me do what I need to do. They've both gotten very giggly. Just last week they started interacting with each other a lot more. After a feeding when they're both on my lap they'll reach for each other and smile and laugh at each other, it's so cute! I can't put them in a crib together because they get too excited and someone ends up scratched or poked and cries.

At their Dr. appt. we learned that Anya is 14 lbs. and Ziva is 13 lbs. This means that they haven't gained much weight over the past month, so we switched to the higher concentration baby formula and we're going to be pushing solids more so hopefully next month they'll have a decent gain. It makes me glad that we're going in every month for their synigis injections so that we can catch things like this before it becomes a real problem.

Another big change, I've lowered my dose of lactation drugs by 1/2. I accidently skipped a dose and realized that it's those meds that were making me so sleepy and tired all the time. Up until then I was taking a nap every chance I had because I was SO exhaused, I just felt like I couldn't function. So now I only take it at night and I feel SO much better! It's like I'm back to being me again. As a result my house is clean again and I've actually made dinner a few times instead of running out every night for take out. And I just feel less overwhelmed by every day tasks because now I actually have the energy to accomplish them. I've also decided to give up my breastpump rental when it comes due this month, and that will be one more task out of my hair each day. I've just decided that the girls have already gotten such a huge benifit from my milk and at this point I need my own sanity back. I'm still nursing Anya though, but we are supplimenting her with formula more and more these days and since she's learning to eat well I'm sure that in a month or two she'll probably be done nursing. I'm glad to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, but sad because I know I'll miss sharing that closeness with my girls. I have a feeling that I probably won't have much time to think about it though because at that point they'll surely be mobile.
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