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Psalms 84:11

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pregnancy Journal 1/30/07

My throat is all good. It actually only bothered me for like a day and after that I was fine. I think it's all due to the awesome multi-vitamin I'm taking. I switched brands about 4 months ago and I notice a HUGE difference in how I feel and how healthy I've been.

I saw some matching cribs on and we went out and bought them on Saturday. They're in pretty good shape, but after doing some research about new cribs I discovered that by buying these I'm saving $90 per crib! So I'm glad because there's other things I'd rather spend money on. The only thing I'm gonna miss out on is picking out a crib for myself, but like my mom said, what makes a crib really cute is the bedding. So I'm gonna go w/ that theory.

So I felt GREAT on Friday and Saturday, thought for sure it was the end of my m/s. And then Sunday was the PITS and yesterday wasn't much better. And this morning I felt so bad that I skipped out an an important meeting because I felt like I couldn't leave the house. Although I definitely have more energy, but I'm just wide awake and feeling rotten. Oh well.. the end is in sight right??

I'm scheduled for our next ultrasound on Thursday. My parents are gonna be there because I'm hoping we might find out the genders. It should be very exciting! DJ and I still can't agree on any girls names... Now he seems to think that it's gonna be 2 boys. But I'm still hoping for a boy and a girl.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pregnancy Journal 1/20/07

I've had some good days and bad days with the m/s. I'm guessing that's improvement because before it was only bad days. I thought I was doing good yesterday, but last night I was in the WORST way! I kept having these tummy pains (definitely felt digestional) that kept waking me up. And then finally around 2am I threw up. Made a huge mess too because I basically just leaned over the side of the bed. Yuck. But I guess it's not too bad because this was only the second time I've lost my cookies through this whole process.

I woke up yesterday w/ a sore throat and white spots on my tonsils, so I went to my PCP right away and found out it isn't strep and that it's just viral. So I'm feeling kinda yucky all around. Oh, and by going to my PCP I found out that SHE has twin boys! She said that they were born on their due date, and they both weighed over 7 lbs. AND she breast fed for 4 months. So it can be done!

I got this awesome book called Mothering Multiples that I'm reading right now and it's mostly about BF'ing twins. It has all these pics of women BF'ing two babies at once. I showed it to my mom and she said, "I see it, but I still can't believe it can be done!" ROFL I'm definitely gonna try it.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Pregnancy Journal 1/7/07

Well Christmas went well at our house. Afterwards I felt completely wiped out though. Pretty much did nothing but eat and sleep the following day. We didn’t do anything for New Years and I was actually in bed before the main event. I’m just SO tired and sick feeling all the time. So far I’ve only thrown up once, but I’ve felt nauseous almost all the time. I just hope I start feeling better soon.

We had our first Dr. appt. on Friday. We got to hear one of the babies heartbeats, the other one was being so active that she only caught the heartbeat for a second and it was REALLY high 185 beats per minute! She said it must have been from all the jumping jacks. :P She also said that when my progesterone levels test came back that they were the highest numbers she’s ever seen (And she’s been a Dr. for over 25 years). Which is good because it’s healthy for the babies, but bad because that’s what’s making me so sick. She said some Dr’s prescribe progesterone as a sedative, so no wonder I feel so wiped out and exhausted! I seriously have maybe 1 or 2 good hours each day and the rest of the time I feel horrible.

So next week I’ll be officially in the second trimester. YAY!!! I hope that means an end is coming to my sickness.
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