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Psalms 84:11

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Pregnancy Journal 1/7/07

Well Christmas went well at our house. Afterwards I felt completely wiped out though. Pretty much did nothing but eat and sleep the following day. We didn’t do anything for New Years and I was actually in bed before the main event. I’m just SO tired and sick feeling all the time. So far I’ve only thrown up once, but I’ve felt nauseous almost all the time. I just hope I start feeling better soon.

We had our first Dr. appt. on Friday. We got to hear one of the babies heartbeats, the other one was being so active that she only caught the heartbeat for a second and it was REALLY high 185 beats per minute! She said it must have been from all the jumping jacks. :P She also said that when my progesterone levels test came back that they were the highest numbers she’s ever seen (And she’s been a Dr. for over 25 years). Which is good because it’s healthy for the babies, but bad because that’s what’s making me so sick. She said some Dr’s prescribe progesterone as a sedative, so no wonder I feel so wiped out and exhausted! I seriously have maybe 1 or 2 good hours each day and the rest of the time I feel horrible.

So next week I’ll be officially in the second trimester. YAY!!! I hope that means an end is coming to my sickness.

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