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Psalms 84:11

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pregnancy Journal 11/28/06

Well we announced it to my family on Thanksgiving, and they cheered and toasted to us. So that was fun… but little did we know that things were about to get even MORE exciting!

We had our first ultrasound yesterday, and found out that we’re having TWINS!!! We could definitely see two little egg sacks, with a yolk in each one, and a nice thick membrane between the two. I still can hardly believe it! They said that they can’t say for sure that we’re having twins until they can hear a heartbeat on each of them, so they scheduled me for another ultrasound in two weeks. So we’re praying that they’re both healthy and strong and that we get to ‘confirm’ twins in a couple weeks.

So we’ve been having a blast telling people our even more exciting news! Mom said, “Oh wow!....We’ll help!!” Dad said, “Oh Amy, Oh Amy!” And then he just cracked up laughing! And he beat me to the punch calling grandma to tell her the news. :P Karin was excited for us but said, “Amy, I don’t envy you!” ha ha, I don’t think I envy me either, it’s gonna be a LOT of extra work. Norma was happy for us, but kept reprimanding DJ and telling him he’s gonna have to learn all about babies and help me out. :P It was cute. We finally got a hold of Debbie last night, she hadn’t gotten the news that we were pregnant yet because she was on vacation for the past two weeks. So she got the double surprise!

So we’re all excited and nervous and happy and… yeah!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pregnancy Journal 11/22/06

Well, we told Karin & Todd and Sabrina & Lee. Karin was so excited for us. She said that if we have twins that she’ll make us TWO cross stitch birth announcements for us. :P And Sabrina screamed and said that she can’t wait to be Aunt Brina :P So that was fun.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I’m SO excited! It’s gonna be a blast telling people what we’re thankful for!

So today I’m making pumpkin pie and cookies. And if I feel up to it I’ll clean my house too, it’s a MESS! DJ cleaned up the clutter yesterday, but we have dust bunnies that are ready to rise up and revolt!

I currently have a yeast infection, which I learned yesterday is super common for the early stages of pregnancy because the estrogen raises your glucose levels and more sugar feeds the yeast. I 'feel' like my belly is getting bigger, which is silly because it's WAY too early for that, I think I'm just bloated. I read that the hormones will make your stomach muscles stretch out, and I have felt some muscle tension type feelings so I'm wondering if that's what's going on. DJ says I look the same, but what does he know?! lol

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pregnancy Journal 11/19/06

We just found out that we’re pregnant on 11/13/06 when I took a home pregnancy test and it came up positive. This was my first cycle on Clomid, and I guess it worked! I think I ovulated on November 1st, and DJ and I had a fun time on Halloween, so there ya go! When you’re on Clomid they make you go in for a blood test on cycle day 21, I went in on CD 22 because 21 was a Sunday. They called me back a few days later and told me that I had indeed ovulated, which I already knew because of my handy dandy Ovusoft chart. When I called my Dr. with the results of my take home test they said that they had suspected I was already pregnant based on my progesterone test I had the week before, but they didn’t tell me because they wanted to be SURE. I kind of knew something was different this time. I had horrible cramping around ovulation that lasted for a few days, and even now I’m having small cramps, but I’ve been told that’s normal, just the baby settling in.

We couldn’t decide who to tell or when to tell about our good news. DJ wanted to wait until his mom came into town on Dec. 13th and then sit everyone down for dinner and tell them all at once. But I knew I couldn’t wait that long! So I finally talked DJ into calling and telling his mom over the phone, and then we had dinner w/ my parents and told them last night.

DJ’s mom was happy for us, but she was being cautious because I’m so early on in this process. I think she might be reserving her excitement till I’m closer to my due date. So I’m really glad we told her over the phone. DJ and I both predicted that she would cry, but she didn’t.

We had dinner w/ my folks last night and told them the good news. I got a brag book, and put the pic of our positive test results on the first page and then wrapped it up w/ a bow. :P When we gave it to them they were like, what's this for? lol And my mom opened it and looked at the pic first, and she was like what? And then she finally got it and she got all excited! It was awesome. :) They're both really happy for us. :) My mom kept sparkling at me and telling me how excited she is. We had ordered our dinners before we told them, and dad told the waitress that we're splitting the bill, but then afterwords he was like "I'll get it!" And we had already snuck in and paid for ours at that point so we told him, and I said, "I thought you said we were splitting it?" And he said, "Well, that was before I knew I was gonna be a grandpa again!" lol It was really fun. :)

Then we went back to mom & dad’s house, and I called Matt on the phone. His response was, You’re kidding? And then, Are you sure your responsible enough for that? But then he said congrats like 3 times so I know he’s really excited, just giving me a hard time like every little brother does. :P

We’re probably going to call a few close friends to let them know, like Karin & Todd and Sabrina & Lee, but then we’re gonna tell everyone else at Thanksgiving. It’s gonna be awesome!
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