For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows grace and favor and glory - honor, splendor and heavenly bliss! No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.

Psalms 84:11

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pregnancy Journal 11/28/06

Well we announced it to my family on Thanksgiving, and they cheered and toasted to us. So that was fun… but little did we know that things were about to get even MORE exciting!

We had our first ultrasound yesterday, and found out that we’re having TWINS!!! We could definitely see two little egg sacks, with a yolk in each one, and a nice thick membrane between the two. I still can hardly believe it! They said that they can’t say for sure that we’re having twins until they can hear a heartbeat on each of them, so they scheduled me for another ultrasound in two weeks. So we’re praying that they’re both healthy and strong and that we get to ‘confirm’ twins in a couple weeks.

So we’ve been having a blast telling people our even more exciting news! Mom said, “Oh wow!....We’ll help!!” Dad said, “Oh Amy, Oh Amy!” And then he just cracked up laughing! And he beat me to the punch calling grandma to tell her the news. :P Karin was excited for us but said, “Amy, I don’t envy you!” ha ha, I don’t think I envy me either, it’s gonna be a LOT of extra work. Norma was happy for us, but kept reprimanding DJ and telling him he’s gonna have to learn all about babies and help me out. :P It was cute. We finally got a hold of Debbie last night, she hadn’t gotten the news that we were pregnant yet because she was on vacation for the past two weeks. So she got the double surprise!

So we’re all excited and nervous and happy and… yeah!

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