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Psalms 84:11

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Day In The Life

Well, an evening really, but I can't be troubled with such details.

So last night, Hubs leaves for work around 5pm, right as the girls are sitting down for dinner. Just a typical Wednesday.

After dinner, it was bath time for the twinks. So I helped them climb up the stairs (one of their favorite activities), turned on the bath water (which made them both squeel with delight), and proceeded to undress them and get them cleaned up.

After bath time I usually remember to bring diapers upstairs, but last night I didn't. So I decided, what the heck, and I just helped them walk down the stairs naked as jay birds. They thought this was GREAT fun! And for the first time, I helped them go down the stairs in an upright walking position. I held Ziva's hand on my left, and she held onto the banisters on the other side and was able to walk down really well! I was proud of her. :) Anya needed a little more help, as usual she's the more cautious of the two. So I sort of put my right arm around her so that she could hang onto me with both hands since there's really nothing else to hang onto on that side of the stairway. Notice: Mommy only has 2 hands and they have 4. So it was pretty tricky, but we made it down the stairs without anyone falling and hurting themselves.

Then of course they ran all over the kitchen with their nakie bottoms. At that point I was really wishing someone were around to take pictures because it would make awesome blackmail material for later on. And I was sad that Hubs was at work, missing all the fun.

So I finally got them rounded up and into the living room. Before I could get their diapers on Anya pee'd a little on the carpet, no biggie. Just got her diaper on quick in case she wasn't done and ran to the kitchen for paper towels and cleaner. And man were they fascinated with those paper towels! So I gave them each a clean sheet of towel, and they started running around and squeeling... which is pretty much their standard form of enthusiasm these days.

Then as you can see, they proceeded to rip the towels into tiny little shreds. And I was happy to let them do it, simply because it kept them occupied for 20 minutes.

Once my living room was completely littered with paper and they had finally lost interest in it, I decided to bring out the vacuum and clean up the mess. I haven't actually vacuumed in front of them for a LONG time because I purposefully wait until they go to bed. Back when they were babies they would freak out every time I tried to turn it on. So I was hoping they had grown out of that vacuum fear... and sure enough! It worked! They actually thought the vacuum was VERY interesting and were totally and completely entertained while I was cleaning! A totally wonderful thing to discover since I'd much rather sit around and watch TV after they go to bed and not clean! This whole concept pretty much adds hours to my week! So I was super excited about that. I went on to vacuum the whole downstairs.

Once I was done with that I decided to empty the dirt & dog hair from the vacuum. I push the lever to release the canister (we have a bagless), and the flap that holds all the yuck inside flung open and covered my newly clean floor (and toes!) with the entire contents of the canister (and it was FULL)! I stood there in shock for a moment... O-M-G!!! Maybe I'm a weirdo, but stuff like that tends to make me scream and curse. I HATE dust!

So I pulled myself together long enough to call my neighbor across the street. She has a vacuum right?? She doesn't answer. So I leave her a message, "Uh, Hi! This is Amy from across the street. Um, my vacuum just exploded!!! Is there any way I could borrow yours for a few minutes??? Please?! (OMG... HURRY!!!)" I hung up the phone. I looked at the dirt. What did people used to do before they had vacuums??? Oh yeah! A broom! I have one of those! So I found my broom and dustpan, took me like... 10 minutes... to find it because I never use it. I swept up the mess and put it in a plastic bag, because house dirt is YUCKY and must be taken away, right away. And then I got some damp paper towels, wiped down the entire zone where the mess occurred, and then added those to the plastic bag. Because dust mites are nasty little buggers and I didn't want ANY of them to survive the ordeal.

By then it was almost 8pm, so I gave the girls their milk and got them into bed.

This entire story took place in roughly 3 hours. Yup, I can pack a lot of fun into one evening! Thankfully the rest of the night was more subdued. I ate chocolate, I watched TV, I drank tea. You know, my usual. :)


Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

I love tea too! I was at the store, earlier, and forgot to get some more of my chamomile/valerian root stuff.

I LOVE you named her Ziva. LOVE that name (I heard of it, before, from NCIS) :)

Kristina P. said...

That is some evening! We have an old vacuum that Adam's parents gave us.

Annie's Granny said...

I hate vacuum cleaners! I always manage to get mine clogged with the bunny's hay (the pups enjoy nothing more than pulling hay from the cage and depositing it on the carpet). That always leads to dismantling the darned thing and getting dust and dirt everywhere.

By the way, thanks for the post a while back about your steam mop. You're right...I bought one, on your recommendation, and I love it! I didn't know I was such a dirty housekeeper ;-) Not only did I steam mop my floors, I have a textured Formica counter top and I lifted that baby up and steam cleaned the counters! I always scrub my counters well, but that steamer lifted out dirt my dishrag and scrub brush didn't get. Amazing!

Dee said...

what a night! I bet you were pooped after wards

Momma Snail said...

I would rather spend an hour cleaning up a huge mess from the kids, if it means I get 20 minutes of peace while they are making the mess.

Brooke said...

its amazing what keeps kids occupied! :)

Stacy said...

What an evening! Lathen and Leann shred anything paper up too. Drives me batty but I let them do it and then clean up when the interest is gone.

Sorry about the ordeal with your vaccum. Yuck! We just recently got a new vaccum because our old one was totally gone. I vaccumed the floors and could not believe the dirt that came up. We got a bagless this time and I love not having to deal with a bag!

Peggy said...

LOL! Very funny. I will give almost anything to entertain my twins for 20 or so minutes:) They love to walk down the stairs using 2 feet too.

I have my hubby vacuum my floors.. I just do everything else:)

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