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Psalms 84:11

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Early Intervention Screening

I just realized that I went on and on about anticipating the girls' appointment on Tuesday but failed to share what happened! I guess I've told several people about it and figured I was done sharing. lol

Well, Tuesday turned out to be a screening to see if they needed to be evaluated. I thought it would be the evaluation and we'd be one step further along in this process. So that was a bit of a disappointment. But the lady did think that they should be evaluated, which I knew would be the case. Anya & Ziva have 1 word that they use regularly, Bye bye. They've said other words here and there, but they use a word once, and then we don't hear it again for weeks or months or never. So to me that says they are just mimicking us and aren't really using them as words that they understand. The lady said that most children who are their age are using anywhere between 10-30 words and are usually starting to use 2 word sentences. She also asked questions related to fine motor and gross motor skills, and they passed those tests with flying colors. So the only area where they're really behind is language.

We have 3 provider options for services. I've looked into each one a bit and we've decided to go with the team approach that comes to our house for care. There will be a speech therapist who comes once a month, and a teacher who comes once a week.

That is... if they decide that they need help after the evaluation. I was told that it would be up to 45 days before the evaluation takes place. And since spring break is somewhere in the middle of that it will probably be towards the end of that time frame.

I tend to be an impatient person by nature, so this will be a long wait for me. I really want to get started right away. It seems like each day things are getting more frustrating here. This morning consisted of crankiness and tears from the moment they got up till the moment they went down for their nap. I suspect that they're teething again, and that coupled with not being able to make their needs known is really really trying. Last night Hubs asked me, "What is up with you? You seem totally frazzled!" Hmm... gee I wonder why?! I just feel very stressed out. I need a break. I'm already longing for bedtime and their nap just started. lol


Momlissa said...

I'm sorry you are having to go this route, but hopefully it will go by fast. I know the process took forever for us.

Godiva said...

Just stopping by via SITS to say "Hello"!

Kaycee said...

I'm starting to worry about my toddler, the only word he says consistently is "no" to the dog. He does know a few signs, but I'm afraid he's not progressing as quickly as he should. I hope your girls evaluation goes well.

Stacy said...

I'm sorry too you have to go through this process.

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