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Psalms 84:11

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Weekly Meal Plan 3/8/09

This has been a very fun and unusual weekend for me. I was able to get out not once, not twice, but THREE times by myself! Thursday night was my Mother of Twins Club meeting, which involved an Irish Sundae bar (baked potatoes) and was a lot of fun. Friday night was the very first meeting of my book discussion group. We sat around and talked until it was really late, and it was some of the best female chatting I've been a part of for quite some time! Can't wait till our next meeting! And then last night I went to Kohl's by myself and got some much needed shopping done and found some killer deals! I bought Easter dresses for the girls for $12.00 apiece, plus I was able to take an additional 20% off at the register! I also bought them sandals to go with their dresses, but they will also work for the rest of the summer (hopefully!). I also bought bath towels for my master bathroom that were 60% off, plus 20% off at the register! I really made out like a bandit! If you have time today to get to Kohl's I highly recommend it!

After that I went grocery shopping, and spent about $50 less than I usually do thanks to THIS.

And again, I'm really excited about my meals this week! I never knew cooking and meal planning could be so much fun! ... I know... I'm a weirdo.

Tonight: Pepperoni Pie & Salad - I had leftover pepperoni from making panini's last week that I wanted to use. So thanks to I found this really cool recipe.

The rest are unassigned, which means I'll decide what I'm going to make each morning.

Cheesy Tavern Soup with Grilled Chicken & Homemade Wheat Bread - I have leftover chicken from last night, so I'm probably going to make this tomorrow. The soup came from my new crock pot book, and I'll share it with you if it's any good. :)

Spaghetti & Italian Turkey Meatballs w/ broccoli - I have spaghetti sauce and meatballs in my freezer so this is my super easy meal of the week that pretty much requires no cooking.

Scalloped Potatoes & Ham with Green Beans on the side - The potatoes and ham are also from my new crock pot book.

Herbed Turkey Breasts w/ Orange Sauce & rice & salad - The turkey is again, from my new crock pot book.

I'll also make a really yummy desert bread this week using one of my Mystery Spices! Stay tuned next Monday for that recipe. :)

And don't forget! Tomorrow is Mystery Spice Monday! I'll post a really yummy meal in it's entirety for you to enjoy. Plus Mr. Linky will make his usually appearance for you to post a recipe that you've made over the past week using a Mystery Spice.


Stacy said...

Glad you got to get out and awesome deals!

Brooke said...

i'll be doing scalloped potatoes also this week :)

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