For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows grace and favor and glory - honor, splendor and heavenly bliss! No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.

Psalms 84:11

Monday, January 5, 2009

Snow Days 2008

I'm sure most of the country is already aware of the big snow storm of 2008, so I won't go into the specifics. I'll just say that it snowed some, and the girls got to go outside and experience it for the first time. And then it snowed a LOT and I kept them inside thinking it would probably freak them out to stand in snow that's up to their tiny little waists. I realize this is old old old news to most of you, but I'm sorry about that. I'm just super slow at getting this info out there and I'm hoping to be caught up by the end of the month... but no promises! I might still be talking about Christmas in February! lol

Oh, and just to answer your question, yes, this is when it snowed the weekend before Christmas, I think these pics were taken on Thursday, but I won't swear by it.

Here's Anya! She really thought the snow was fun and exciting, but she did NOT want to walk in it unless I was holding her hand.

Don't worry, they got mittens for Christmas. :)

Here's Ziva! She was just a non-stop little machine! She wanted to walk all over the place and wouldn't hold still for even a second. Oh, and I had a downright impossible time getting her to even LOOK at the camera. Which normally... is not a problem for her.

So I would chase Ziva around for a while, and then I would come back to Anya. And Anya would be in the EXACT same spot I left her in. She would just be babbling and laughing and having a great time in her same little spot!

I had to pick up Anya and move her over near Ziva so I could get some pictures of the two of them together. Seriously... it's like herding cats sometimes!

And then Ziva finally decided to look at the camera. I kind of remember doing something silly to get her attention.

And then here's my snow angel I made several days later after the sky opened up and dumped mounds of the white stuff into our world.

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