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Psalms 84:11

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas: Part One

So I mentioned we had not one but TWO Christmas's this year. It was all due to a snow storm that covered our region with over a foot of snow the weekend before Christmas and decided to stick around until the day after and then some. We thought about rescheduling our get together, but then at the last minute we decided that it's CHRISTMAS for crying out loud and we were just gonna go for it! My parents, brother and Aunt decided to carpool over to my house and brave the roads. My sister and her family decided to stay home because their road was a mess, I don't blame them at all! But as a result we ended up doing another Christmas the following weekend so that we could all be together for the holiday. And yes, I went ahead and made the same menu twice... I'm just crazy like that I guess.

Anyway... enough about food... I ate mexican take out tonight and I'm feeling a bit... bleh...

So here's our girls in their cute little dresses for the occasion. Nevermind that I can never get them to both look at the camera. But check out Anya's fetching silver scarf! It came off a teddy bear and they take turns wearing it around the house. :P

As we expected, the funnest part about Christmas was the wrappings.

Yup, wrappings are wonderful things.

Slinkies are wonderful things too. Although I'm not so sure they're age appropriate. Oh well, I'm sure they'll grow into them someday... that is if they don't get all stretched out of shape and distorted first.

What we didn't expect was that they were both absolutely stone faced during the entire proceedings. It was like everything was SO interesting that they had to be completely serious in order to examine every item.

They got lots of books. Which is wonderful because they seriously can't get enough of them. It's to the point where I have to lock the books away otherwise they get pulled apart in tugging matches when they're left unsupervised. They also got a couple rag books, which I think are marvelous inventions.

This is Hubby and his mom. She got into town on the first flight to arrive since the snow storm. We are SO lucky that she was able to get here! And we've had a great time watching her bond with the girls. She actually leaves us to go back home tomorrow. We'll miss her! :)

Hey Matt, I hope it's ok if I post this picture of you on my blog without asking first. You won't mind right? :P It's just too cute to not post it.

For everyone else, this is me and my brother Matt. Sorry ladies, he's taken.

One of the big presents the girls got this year was a antique table and chair set from my mom & dad. They also got a very cute and durable tea set to go along with it. They have REALLY enjoyed it so far!

Their Aunt Debbie sent them some really fancy dress up shoes. :) They are sooooo purty!

And cousin Alisha sent them outfits.

More on our Second Christmas tomorrow! I'm trying REALLY hard to get this out now so we can talk about something else soon. :)

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