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Psalms 84:11

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Christmas Menu

Remember, I'm trying to get this all out NOW so that no one has to hear about my Christmas in February.

I'm really getting sick of Christmas, I'm glad it's over. I think I may skip the whole Christmas Part Two post I was going to make and just do this instead.

Here's the short version: We had Christmas a second time. In addition to the guests that came for our First Christmas (my parents, my brother, my mother-in-law, my Aunt Darline) we also had my sister and her family, my brother's amazing girlfriend Melinda, and my 92 yr. old grandmother.

I really think the only noteworthy picture of that day is this one:

Ain't she cute!

That's my Grandma. And let me just say, that four foot eleven powerhouse knows her way around a kitchen. So she would very much approve of me skipping right over the family festivities and focusing all my attention on the food.

Or maybe she would tell me I need to get my priorities straight.

It's hard to say with that lady. :)

So anyway, I spent weeks scouring the internet for what seemed to me to be the greatest Christmas menu ever. And now you too can make the greatest Christmas dinner of all time... or maybe you could cook something wonderful up for your sweetheart for Valentines instead.

My hubby braved the snow to get us a Honeybaked Ham. He had been begging for one for months. So I just focused all my attention on the sides.

Sausage-Cranberry Stuffing - This is so good that even those who ate it twice within a week raved over it and devoured some more.
Loaded Mashed Potatoes - Hubby and I watched Paula make this on TV and our jaws kept dropping as she added each ingredient, so we decided we just HAD to have it! Looking back... I think we could have lived without yet another carb at the table. It's wonderful though, you should try this recipe at least once.
Turnip Gratin - So good that even the turnip haters said we should have this every year.
Roasted Vegetables - Eh, this was alright. IMO, not worth the ridiculous amount of effort it takes to cube a butternut squash.
Olive Cheese Bread - Perfect for the holidays since it has that red & green thing goin' on.

And I had 2 crocks goin' with:
Mulled Wine

Both were delish!

My mom brought deserts, and they were wonderful too. Thanks Mom!

WHEW! Aren't you glad I'm done with talking about Christmas now? I know I sure am!

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Kristina P. said...

Wow, that menu sounds amazing!

Thanks for your comment today! I will add you to my Reader.

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