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Friday, July 10, 2009

Aloha Friday! Blogging Peeves

From An Island Life:

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

If you'd like to participate with your own question on your own blog, head on over to An Island Life to link up and join the fun!

Today's question is, What are some of your blogging pet peeves??

I've only been blogging for about 7 months, but already I have some blogging pet peeves. So I thought I'd share my Top Three Things That Annoy Me About Blogging.

#3: Awards. I'm really not a fan of "Hey, I just gave you an award! Stop by my website to pick it up!" And then they ask you to share your 10 most intimate secrets, or 7 things you hate about the show Baywatch (only 7??), or what were the last 5 things you ate for breakfast this week.... come on? Really? I appreciate that you like my blog well enough to nominate me for such a prestigious award, but since I don't like reading about them on other people's blogs I'm sure most of you won't enjoy reading such things here. Now if you nominate me for a Bloggie Award THEN feel free to tell me about it. Otherwise, your awards (although often well intentioned) are pretty much wasted on me. Sorry! (Double sorry to those who have given me awards in the past, no worries, I love you anyway, promise!)

#2: Word Verification. Could you seriously do me a favor and delve into your settings and turn that off? There are a few blogs I go to where the secret word thingy doesn't load properly, and then I can't leave you a comment. Sometimes I really want to leave one, but after trying to get it to work for me for 5 minutes I usually decide it's not worth the hassle. And really, unless your blog is getting 5,000 hits a day I really don't think you have to worry about spammers on your site (plus you could always leave comment moderation on just in case).

#1: The thing I absolutely HATE the most about some people's blogs... MUSIC!!! If you have music that automatically plays when people visit your blog do us all a favor and change it so it only plays if someone clicks on it, or remove it altogether. Believe me, I LOVE music, but when it's on your blog and auto-plays as my computer loads? Well, it sounds like a horrible cacophony of noise that makes me plug my hears and curse. And least you think that I have some old antiquated computer that just can't handle it, my computer is BRAND NEW and is the best gaming computer that $1200 can buy. So if my computer can't handle it? Then people who bought their computers 3 years ago are certainly having the same problem.

WHEW! I feel so much better now after getting that out there! So what are your blogging peeves???


Momstart said...

I agree with you on all three. I think awards are like a request for you to link to me, I think word verification is a pain in the butt and I never have my sound on

Kristina P. said...

Yes, yes, and YES!

I don't do awards. Period. I do really appreciate that people like me enough to give me them, but I've seen some craziness go down when someone is left out, etc.

kimert said...

Eh, I'm not really the type of blogger who has even thought about blogging pet peeves yet! lol If I had to choose something I guess it would be music but mainly because I usually have my own music on and blog music just throws it off.

blueviolet said...

I once wrote a whole post on music and how much I hated it! I feel the same way you do. I don't like word ver either, at all. I would much rather have them moderate comments.

Heather said...

I could not agree with yo more on #1 and #2! Word verification is so annoying. Sometimes as soon as I see it I just decide not to leave my comment.

Brooke said...

people who comment on your blog just to get you to return the favor, which would be fine - if they would have read your blog to begin with!!

we're building a house and my husband is a real estate agent and i had a lady comment about how she specializes in first time home buyers and to let her know if we need help.

ps - i nominated you for an award.

j/k!! :P

Becca said...

There are a few blogs where I cannot post a comment no matter what I do. I do have scripts blocked, but I try to unblock on those pages and it doesn't work. It's frustrating because I don't want to have to email the people to comment. (It isn't their fault obviously, but it bugs me nonetheless lol)

Mommy Vent said...

I agree on all 3 of those. the other thing that bugs me is the people who ask a question in the comments, but don't have it set to reply back to them

Sue said...

I don't mind the awards, it's the tags I sometimes don't like. Like you said. Name 5 things you could live without, etc. those can be a pain.

I don't like word ver. either, and music is annoying.

I can't stand spam comments. When some random person comments on your blog just to leave a link to their company or something.

Drahdrah said...

Awards annoy me a bit, because I feel like they are chain letters. Other than that, to each his own, if something annoys me about a blog, I just don't go to it.

Erica said...

I can't really say i have any pet peeves, but i never really thought about it. :)

Thom said...

The only one I agree on with you is word verification. The others. I love awards and if people take the time to give it to someone, as we all know posts just don't happen in seconds, I can at least be grateful enough to accept and acknowledge it. As for the music, on most blogs I've seen, I see a pause switch. Just click it LOL. My pet peeve however, is comments. I wish there was a better way to keep up with them. When I make a comment I like to see if it got a response to see if I want to respond again. As it is not it's all manual and no I'm not putting them in my would be humongously long LOL. Thanks for stopping by my playground. Much appreciated :) Aloha

Kristen Andrews said...

we have so many of the same pet peeves I don't like the awards either, at first I did but now I don't. The word verif is annoying too. I also don't like the ads all over blogs the ones in between posts.

Deb said...

I think the awards are kind of cool. Yes, there's a networking component, but the two times I've gotten one it has really made my day.

I turned off my word verification because people let me know that it wasn't loading properly. Even though I haven't gotten any disturbing comments yet, I've got moderation on just so I'd be the first to see it if there were. I would at some point like to turn it off to encourage more dialogue btwn commentors.

The sound on my computer is usually off, so the music isn't really an issue.

I do have a big pet peeve with people who show only the first few lines in their RSS feeds, forcing you to click to their site. Kind of defeats the point and is just rude. I've only kept one sub that does that, and I hardly ever click thru to read it.

Annie's Granny said...

I'm sorry. Giving you an award was meant to honor you, not to annoy you. I happen to feel like Thom (above) who said "I love awards and if people take the time to give it to someone, as we all know posts just don't happen in seconds, I can at least be grateful enough to accept and acknowledge it." Thanks, Thom. I couldn't have said it better.

My biggest pet peeve is blogs that don't have "email follow up comments to...". I probably comment on a dozen or more of those a day, and if I don't receive an email telling me of follow ups, there is no way I can remember.

I'm with you on the music and the word verification.

Helene said...

I can't tell you how relieved I am to read what you wrote about awards and tags. I used to really love them and I certainly appreciate the ones I get but it becomes overwhelming and then I have a hard time deciding who to pass the award/tag on to. I usually just thank the person for the award and leave it at that.

I hate the word verification too. Or the blogs that take forever to upload because they have so many things on their site!!

Priscilla said...

I agree with two of your peeves :)

As far as word verification ... even if you aren't getting lots of "real" visitors, a blog without verification (eve if it has moderation) can QUICKLY be taken over.

I was supposed to leave you love yesterday for Happy Saturday Sharefest but my router crashed and I am just now getting back!! So sorry I wasnt able to do it yesterday. I hope you forgive me :D

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