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Psalms 84:11

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Developments and other odds and ends

My mom keeps reminding me that I need to write this stuff down, so here I go! You're welcome, Mom. :)

The girls are getting very good at taking their clothes off. During our morning walk today Anya somehow was able to get her shirt off while strapped inside a 5-point harness! Still have no idea how she did that.

I often leave the living room, only to come back 5 minutes later to a naked Ziva. She's started taking ALL her clothes off any time she gets her diaper wet or dirty. This morning I walked in after she had pooped, and she was in the process of taking off her diaper. She looked at me and hurriedly finished taking it off, and then ran to the changing station saying, "Poop! Yuck, yuck!" The other day after a #2 I was changing her and she said, "Poop. Yuck. Bye-bye poop!"

On a somewhat related note, Ziva also hates sleeping with ANY clothing on, including her diaper. So every morning for the past week when I go to wake her up she's totally naked and sleeping in a puddle. She always seems kind of surprised to be all wet, like whoa! How did that happen?

These things lead me to think that Ziva is pretty darn close to being ready for potty training. I think that maybe on Monday I'll try to help her out with that and see what happens.

Elmo Mania has hit our house with a vengence. Ziva says, "Melmo" all the time, and Anya will readily go and get the Elmo doll if we prod her with "Where's Elmo?". But in Ziva's mind pretty much anything that's red is "Melmo" including a pile of tomatoes on the kitchen counter. She saw those tomatoes and signed and said, "More?" "More Pees (please)?" "More Melmo?". I kept trying to explain to her that those were tomatoes, not Melmo, but she wouldn't hear of it. I finally had to shove them into the fridge to get them out of her sight.

Coloring has become a favorite past-time. Yesterday their EI teacher pointed out that Anya is more interested in the process of coloring, and Ziva is more interested in the result. In otherwords, Anya jumps right in with the colors, making lines and circles and dots and seems to really enjoy doing it herself. Ziva on the other hand would much rather watch me draw or color things and only does her own coloring if I push her to. Ziva often brings me their magnidoodles and asks me to draw on them. I almost never see her do her own drawing with them, but Anya draws on them all the time.

Dancing is also big on the Fun list. Anya likes to spin in circles and has a lot of really great dance moves! She starts dancing pretty much as soon as any music comes on and I seriously think she's a better dancer than I am (that really isn't saying much!). Ziva really likes to dance too, but her moves are really different. She really likes to do a bouncing motion bending her knees, it's become her signature move. And when she really gets going she'll jump up and down.

We are really having a lot of fun with them these days which is such a blessing! If it weren't for them we pretty much would lay around and complain about our aches and pains. Instead we're dancing, and tickling, and laughing at their antics! It makes us realize at how good our life really is despite our circumstances.


Kristina P. said...

Your girls sound simply delightful.

Brooke said...

how cute!! :) my niece (who's five) has started taking off her shirt, revealing her bra underneath and yelling "boo style". i'm boo. couldn't tell ya the last time i ran around without a shirt on.

and don't ask about the bra. i have no clue.

Twincerely,Olga said...

Hi . Love your blog!! I'm new to this and wanted to say hi!


Ah yes, spontanous stripping... I remember it well! They do grow out of it... well sort of... it's different at age 5 :)

A friend of mine from my twins group was going to try to produce a line of backwards PJ's. This way all the zippers or snaps were in the back. Check google, who knows this was years ago, maybe she has them on the web??

What I did was buy footless pjs and put them on backwards. This way little miss thing one and two couldn't undress themselves in bed. Nothing worse than having to change all the bedding due to lack of diaper! Expect jumping out of bed and the purchase of crib tents next... fun times! I recommend this over toddler beds!! Don't do toddler beds til age three... trust me!!!!

Good luck! Thanks for sharing all their milestones... it's awesome to look back on (now that mine are big ol first graders!!!!)

Stacy said...

So cute! Lathen does the bounce thing too when he hears music. Harold keeps telling me to get it on video but I always forget.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

While reading this I was thinking "sounds like they are about ready to start potty training", and then you said it, too!! So glad to hear you are enjoying your girls and counting your blessings!
Peace, Stephanie
PS I have something at my blog for you...please come and pick it up!

Annie said...

They are in that age that we only want to talk, enjoy and laugh about all the things they said and do.

monica said...

Oh sounds like a typical day in the household of twins! Yes naked is something you see around my house also! Good luck on the potty training!

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