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Psalms 84:11

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How Does My Garden Grow?

I showed you one picture of my garden yesterday as a bit of a teaser, so here's the rest! Feel free to click to enlarge the pictures, some of the plants are hard to see otherwise.

Here's the one I showed yesterday, my strawberry patch is in the foreground with lettuce planted between the plants. Behind them are my huge spinach plants, a few pepper plants, some marigolds, and if you look closely you'll see my little lavender plant wedged between a lettuce and a spinach. I'm planning to move the lavender plants to another part of my yard very soon.

Here's what my strawberry/lettuce patch looks like up close:

And this is the other half of that bed. In the back row from left to right we have bok choy, spinach, lavender. The row in front of it is 1 pepper plant and some green onions. And in front of that there's marigolds and 3 more pepper plants.

Ok, this picture is kind of confusing... We put up vertical elements before we left on vacation. And thank goodness we did because obviously the peas and tomatoes REALLY needed it! But this is not the best picture of the vertical elements (which we built out of steal water pipe and wire netting in case anyone is interested). They seem to get all jumbled up visually with the chain link fence behind it.

Here's a better picture of the peas, man they really took off!

Up close you can see that I've got a HUGE nasturtium plant. Behind them there are actually some lettuces that you can't actually see. Next to the lettuce, chives and parsley. Next to the nasturtiums are lavender and on the other side carrots. Then in the front row are marigolds, nothing, zinnias, and carrots.

Next to the peas are my tomato plants. From left to right they are Early Girl, Heirloom, Yellow Pear, and Sweet 100 (a cherry tomato).

In front of the tomatoes I have chives, cilantro, green onions, thyme, 1 lonely overgrown spinach headed for the compost, beet greens, basil (which is hiding behind the huge nasturtium), carrots, walla walla onions, and the nasturtium.

Half of this bed is green and wax beans, the other half is thyme, dill, walla walla onions, lavender, a pepper plant, basil, parsley, nasturtiums and green onions which I grew from the root end of ones that came from the grocery store! They're WAY healthier and more advanced than the ones I planted from seed! I don't think I'll ever try growing green onions from seed again.

Half of this bed is corn, I planted 2 different varieties and I need to get out there and replant in the spots that didn't grow.

Here's a close up of the other half. Back row is cucumbers, I'm hoping to train them to grow up the vertical element. In front of them is a row of sweet peppers. In front of that (L to R) are carrots, LETTUCE!, and parsley. Front row is marigolds, carrots, and radishes.

And that's my garden! I'm planning to split up the nasturtiums and plant some of them somewhere else so they aren't taking over the whole world. And of course we'll be eating a lot of salad this week! I got some cucumbers, tomatoes and blue cheese from the store so go along with all the lettuce we have. I also have quite a bit of weeding to do around the beds, but thankfully no weeds IN the beds! :)


Kristina P. said...

You have one of the nicest gardens I have seen!

Annie said...

Wow, you garden grow very fast. You have a lot of plants.

monica said...

You have an amazing garden! Everything is so green and growing so good! Beautiful!

Renee said...

Your garden looks amazing. Mine went all CRAZY! I actually took pictures today for my blog. I am so jealous! Enjoy your bounty!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Looks great! I am doing a somewhat garden post tomorrow.

newlyweds said...

Your garden looks like its coming along beautifully love the variety of plants that you guys are growing. Great job.

David said...

Very nice! Looks like things are growing beautifully. On a more technical note, I like the "LinkWithin" widget that you have at the bottom of the post that suggests other posts "you might like." Pretty cool, and useful. I need to add some features to my blog so people can actually find older posts, sort by categories, etc.

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