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Psalms 84:11

Monday, April 9, 2007

Pregnancy Journal 4/9/07

We had an ultrasound on Monday that confirmed for sure that we are having two girls. So now we just have to nail down names! We’ve pretty much agreed upon Anya for a first name for one of them, and we were toying with Elsa for the other one but DJ nixed it. So now we’re back to the drawing board. I’d really like their middle names to be Jean & Lynn after our mom’s middle names. I think that’d be an awesome gift for our moms. But really we’re undecided, so we’ll see.

At our ultrasound they discovered that Baby A isn’t growing like she should. Last time she measured in the 11th percentile, and this time she measured in the 6th. So I have an appointment with maternal fetal medicine today to run more tests and find out what’s going on. They did say that all her systems look healthy. They measured the flow of the umbilical cord and it was the same for both babies, which is a good sign that they’re getting enough nutrition. And just to reassure me, she was moving around like crazy yesterday, probably more than I’ve ever felt her. So I’m actually feeling pretty positive about my appt. today.

It was a good Easter weekend for us. Great one even! :) We had Lee & Sabrina over on Saturday for a BBQ and had lots of fun even though it rained and we ended up watching a movie instead. Sabrina is throwing a shower for me, so she asked me lots of questions about what I wanted or what I liked/disliked. I pretty much gave her free reign to do what she wanted with a few exceptions (such as I really don't want everything to be pink). Lee & DJ moved all the exercise equipment downstairs to the garage, so that’s one more thing to check off our list of things we needed to do. And then DJ and I went to church Sat. night and the sermon was really good. :)

Then on Sun. morning we went to an Easter brunch with Mom & Dad, Aunt Darlene, and Suzy Wayne & Jalen. The food was good, and there was lots of good conversation. And when I got home I felt so energetic that I weeded nearly our entire yard! lol It was sunny and beautiful and I guess I just wanted to be out in it after the rain the previous day. Now I have all kinds of great ideas about what I want to plant this year. I may go buy some plants today if the mood takes me.

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